Why Does DEX Analysis Matter for Users? Several Aspects Need to Pay Attention

With the rapid development of DeFi and DEX, a great number of projects emerged on the market. It may be quite hard to tell the difference and choose the right product. In this article, we provide a meta-review of DEX, focused on functions like DeFi data acquisition, farming pool, farming configuration, cross-chain revenue optimizer, derivatives, and data mining, to make a clear comparison among the DEXs.

Why does DEX matter?

Decentralized exchange products and platforms are a competitive space in the blockchain world. Products that favorably aggregate and present the most data will likely attain a lasting competitive edge.

Decentralized Exchange Platforms and Features Users Need

Users of decentralized exchange platforms look forward to tools and services that make decentralized trading accessible, and lucrative. Platforms that integrate services, products, and tools that make decentralized trading profitable and easily accessible to all users, irrespective of their crypto market knowledge, are more beneficial.

Much more than a web browser, users benefit from decentralized exchange platforms that are smart and income-driven.

A Comparison of Features Offered Across Dex Platforms

An Innovative DEX: Dexbrowser

Among other similar products like Beatsquare, iZumi, DEXTools, and Libre; Dexbrowser is the most progressive Web3 data aggregator. The following comparison between features in Dexbrowser and other similar products explains the advantages Dexbrowser has over others.

With Dexbrowser, decentralized trading and the staking ecosystem are more lucrative and accessible to users. Dexbrowser gives users the benefit of intelligent mining, intelligent arbitrage, and income-driven data derivatives.

Dexbrowser combines various advantages such as attack alerts, intelligent data tracking, and multi-chain enablement as an advanced trading tool. Dexbrowser’s income-driven data derivatives offer smart mining and intelligent arbitrage.

The browser uses an open-source data network that allows data sharing, mining, and decentralized derivatives development.

In comparison with other similar products like Beatsquare, iZumi, DEXTools, and Libre, Dexbrowser stands out by offering clear advantages. The analysis tools, the amount of aggregated data, derivatives, farming and arbitrage tools, and other features DEX offer give this a clear advantage over other products.

iZumi, Beatsquare, and Libre as decentralized exchange browsers offer DeFi data acquisition and analysis, intelligent farming configuration, and a cross-chain revenue optimizer. DEXTools and others offer DeFi data acquisition and analysis. However, only Dexbrowser offers an entire network farming pool search engine.

Among all the similar products compared in the table above, only Dexbrowser offers features such as decentralized revenue derivatives and data mining.

Dexbrowser offers users full features like arbitrage trading, cross-chain revenue optimizer, intelligent farming configuration, DeFi data acquisition and analysis, an entire network farming pool search engine, and data mining. The platform executes real-time testing and assessment of the trading network. Traders can know the transaction speed, congestion of public chain networks, and transaction rates beforehand. The platform intelligently recommends the ideal channel to avoid transaction delays and losses.

About Dexbrowser

Dexbrowser uses unparalleled strategies and algorithms to swiftly give users the turnover and prevalent pairs of various DEXes. The browser recommends the most appropriate pairs and DEXes for arbitrage and smart point-of-arbitrage notifications. The platform also supplies an advanced collection of tools such as pending order trading, K-line charts, and a trading pair browser.

The Dexbrowser platform intelligently recommends to users the optimal channel to avoid transaction delays and failures. The browser executes real-time testing and evaluation of the trading network, showing traders in advance the transaction speed, transaction rates, congestion of public chain networks, intelligently recommending the optimal channel to avoid transaction delays and failures.



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