Marketing and business development expert Cary Kokkonen joins DexBrowser as strategic advisor

DexBrowser is pleased to announce the appointment of Cary Kokkonen as one of its key strategic advisors. Cary is a seasoned marketing master craftsman and founding team member of FantomStarter. As lead business development and brand strategist, he has a keen eye to identify and craft marketing and multi-channel communication strategies for FantomStarter and is on the advisory council for its affiliated projects.

Cary provides essential sector knowledge to motivate and uphold brand values and stay true to business objectives. He pushes boundaries through creativity, innovation, and thought leadership to amplify growth further. The appointment of Cary as a Key Strategic Advisor will provide the necessary experience and expertise to DexBrowsers marketing, development strategy, and communication initiatives.

About DexBrowser

Dexbrowser uses unique algorithms and strategies to quickly present users with the turnover and popular pairs of different DEXs and recommends the most suitable pairs and DEXs for arbitrage. The platform also provides intelligent point-of-arbitrage notifications and a suite of tools such as K-line charts, pending order trading, and a trading pair browser.

Dexbrowser is in its final stages of production and plans to launch in December 2021.

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